Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Off topic: My top records 2008!

Unfortunately, I didn't get too much Vinyl this year and most likely I ignored other fantastic records of other bands, artists etc. Any way, records released 2008 that encouraged me the most are the following (no particular order):

The Night Marchers - See you in Magic (Swami Records)

Its hard to describe this Album. Since featuring members of former bands like Rocket from the Crypt and my beloved Hot Snakes, the general sound and style is somehow a mixture of such "John Reis Bands". It's no run-off-the-mill punkrock/postpunk/garage/something - it's cheesy and dark halloween spooky rockmusic and just awesome.

Fleet Foxes - s/t LP (Sub Pop)

Long story short: Imagine The Shins covering old artrock like Yes sitting in a log cabin somewehre in the rocky mountains during late summer. I guess this would be my favorite soundtrack for my retirement. Listen to "Mykonos" at their myspace and you will literally hear the sun rising.

Lemuria - Get better (Asian man records)

I constantly listened to this one all over the year. This music is odd in a way because its edgy and catchy at the same time. Poppunk/Indierock/something but still unique and authentic. Some lyrics really seized me and cheered me up during the nights in the lab as I finished my thesis.

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