Wednesday, December 3, 2008


...I should be busy right now: I have to finish my final mapping project in order to complete my studies by the end of december. Furthermore, I will have an interview for a PhD-student position but I won't tell anything until I know how everything worked out. All what I can say right now is that it is a darn interesting project...we will see!

Just to post something (semi)relevant let me introduce you to a new categorie on Nolögic:

Trace fossil of the second

Cruziana problematica Schindewolf, 1928

Coin for scale = 27 mm

I post this one because it is included in the banner of the blog-title. We found these ribbon-shaped bilobate trails on a large float block in Wadi Al Hisa/ Jordan. These traces record superficial grazing or very shallow deposit feeding bahviour performed by small arthropods (?small Trilobites). The surface is a lower bedding plane. You look at a positive hyporelief. The whole surface is covered by hundreds of specimens and even more specimens of their little brothers Rusophycus carbonarius (the little coffee beans). They are Middle Cambrian (Stage 5 or Drumian) in age and are found in a rather marginal marine environment. However, this ichnospecies is reported from marine as well as terrestrial subaquatic deposits and ranges in age from early Cambrian to Cretaceous.

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