Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to the field...

Hey, I almost abandoned nologic in most recent times. There are several reasons for this: First of all, in my spare time I mostly change diapers and try to keep my little heir cheerful. This is much fun and I really enjoy being a part of my own family. Next thing is that I devote any bit of time in my office to proceed with my PhD research project. There were some "distractions" recently, so I lost some time doing this and that. I participated in the IPC3 Meeting were I had permission to give a talk. This was really cool and now I know that I am not completely off the map with my research.

I will return to the field tomorrow. There is much to discover in the Western United States (mainly Utah, Idaho) in the Early Triassic. Concerning the weather, it's probably the worst time in the year to perform fieldwork but there is no other opportunity for me (baby). Anyway, I hope for good finds and new insights.

Beside other places I may go to this place:
This photo is supposed to show Hidden Pasture Canyon in southern Montana. The brown rocks on the left could be Lower Triassic. We'll see.


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