Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just in case you didn't know: Free digital Geological Maps (USGS)

May be this is just old news for you but possibly it is useful for someone out there. After browsing for basic geological maps of the United States, I discovered a page that solved all of my problems. Here at a page provided by the USGS, you can download geological maps of all states as shapefiles or kml-layer for Google Earth. It is very easy way to find localities for the next fieldtrip for instance.

The north-western area of the Utah Geology layer displayed in Google Earth

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Anonymous said...

If you ever have the need for more detailed GIS data(orthos, DEMs,TVCs,DRGs) for the state of Kentucky, (including the complete 7.5min geologic quad compilation with lithology and descriptions, check out this site:


The data requires ArcVeiw to be displayed, but the GQs can be viewed by downloading a free MrSID viewer. There is a link for the reader at the site.

Kentucky was the first state in the Union to implement a comprehensive geologic mapping program, as such, the detail is large relative to other areas of the US.