Friday, January 9, 2009

Countries visited!

Animated by the latest post on clastic detritus I went to this site and checked all countries that I visited already. This is what i got:

visited 22 states (9.77%)

Pretty lame for a geologist but I am young and just about to start my serious live. Furthermore, I must admit that I should have to exclude most of the checked countries if the Band I played in hasn't been on tour so much.
It is somewhat embarrassing that I made it (except Jordan) to the "Western Countries" only. I definitely have to go to Asia and Southern America. Suggestions where to go next are welcome!

However, by whining about not having been out so much, something came into my mind. As much as I traveled by the age 25, I probably belong to the uppermost 2 % or even less of all people. So we are pretty privileged and complaining about it would turn us to assholes.


Lost Geologist said...

A suggestion: South America, especially Peru. The geology is fantastic, the people incredibly friendly, great climate and a lot of culture, history and nature to experience. I like it. I'd go any time I get chance again.

Romania is very nice, too, and I believe it's geology is very under-appreciated in every aspect. The Carpathians and the Apuseni Mountains are very beautiful and the Black Sea coast with the Danube Delta and the beaches is a great place to experience (the geology is interesting, too). I just wish my Romanian would be better...

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